Recommendations and Reviews:

Norman A. Dedrick

To any prospective Remax Gold team member: This is to serve as a letter of recommendation for Kamiel Beshara. I have known Kamiel Beshara for years, and during that time I have found Kamiel to exhibit the highest degree of professionalism, honesty and integrity in his business dealings. In an industry that depends upon ethical behavior, Kamiel sets the standard to be reached by his constituents. His example makes him an invaluable part of the Re/MAX Gold team. I am proud to work with and manage Kamiel. I wish I had more agents like him in my office. Sincerely, Norman A. Dedrick Manager

Rick Dibble Site Director of the Sacramento Veterans Resource Center
November 21, 2001 We, the Vietnam Veterans of California, Inc., would like to express our enthusiastic "thanks" and a hearty "job well done!" to Corinne and Kamiel Beshara for their dedicated support of our purchase of a home for use by the Woman Veterans Program administered by our Sacramento site. Despite numerous unforeseen obstacles, Corinne and Kamiel repeatedly brought the effort back into line and to a successful conclusion. We can't thank them enough for their skillful handling of this complex transaction and would recommend them to any prospective purchaser looking for dependability, perseverance, and professionalism.

Bill Ross
Thanks to you Kamiel I am now retired and having fun at an age of 57. It all started 9 years ago with that first investment in El-Dorado Hills. It gave me the push. I now spend 7 month out of the year in the Caribbean. 

Mr. & Mrs. Dustin
"Great response... Made every effort to find what we were looking for."

Ryan Dulin
"Informative, efficient, & knowledgeable"

Mr. and Mrs. 
"We were from out of the area and Kamiel and Corinne worked with us to be available on the days we could come to this area.

Terry Minton & Dianne Maricle
"The Beshara's took care of all of the details. Good job!"

Geraldine Faupel
Kamiel Beshara served me effectively, every way possible.

Rick Helmuth
 I have had the great pleasure of working with the Beshara Team on two real estate transactions. Irregardless of the size of the commission they gave 100% service. They were available 7 days a week all hours of the day. I was truly amazed at the level of service they delivered. It was Fantastic! They actually made a very challenging experience enjoyable. I would highly recommend them for any real estate needs you may have.

Michael & Cecile Monier
Kamiel's past Broker Company To any prospective Re/Max Gold team member: We would like to congratulate you for the friendly and helpful staff members you have at the Folsom Blvd. branch. Every encounter I had with Kamiel Beshara either by phone or in person was a joy to experience. I especially want to commend Kamiel for his diligent service and attention to detail. Kamiel listed our rental home, which had been left vacant on the market for sale for six months and immediately set out to give it good exposure and advertising. Our home was "sold" and escrow closed within three weeks. Kamiel worked extra hard to make all necessary contacts so that escrow would close by the 1st of the month thereby saving us the additional expense of another months payment. Kamiel is always friendly and hardworking. His attention to business and his willingness to go the extra mile to conclude a deal or show us available options has made this sales transaction a pleasure. We look forward to more successful real estate transactions with Kamiel. Thank you so much. 

Linda Mickle
Dear Kamiel and Corinne, I am writing this letter in appreciation for everything you have done for me in regards to my house hunting concerns. That first day I called you, completely frazzled, you took the negative situation and turned it into a positive one. All the work, including locating the house, the tons of paper work involved: pre-qualification and loan arrangements, inspectors and appraisers, dealing with the tenants and sellers, and especially leading me by the hand step  through complicated step is a compliment to your obvious professionalism. I have enjoyed not only meeting you but have had a wonderful experience working with the both of you and would have no problem in recommending you to acquaintances, both professional for any real estate issues. Thank you does not sufficient, however it is a big "Thank You".

Alveta Giles
Dear Kamiel & Corinne, Thank you for your help in selling our house, and in 2 days, wow. We were worried that we had priced the house too low, especially after the interest change, but you kept telling us the market will determine the price, you were sure right. It was hard for me to believe it would sell for $15,000 over the asking price. Thanks again, you two sure made selling our house a pleasant experience. 

Bill & Debbie Rau
Dear Kamiel, Greeting from Texas, I wanted to write this letter to you to tell you how grateful we are for the assistance you provided us in our recent relocation. I know that working between the relocation company and the buyers of our property was a real challenge. We are certain that had it not been for your diligence, and your dedication, we would not been able to conclude the sale with such a happy outcome. I have talked to a great many of the Lennox personnel who are transferring in from all over the country. They all talk about their experience in the relocation, but not one of them has the kind of positive story to tell that we have. But then, no one else had you working for them. May God continue to bless and prosper you in Sacramento. We look forward to the day when we can again be together, until then we will hold you up in our prayers. Sincerely, and with great affection: Bill and Debbie Rau

Beki Towers
To any prospective Re/Max Gold team member: On April 24, 1991, Kamiel Beshara with Coldwell Banker Real Estate opened an escrow transaction involving a 1031 exchange.  Through the help and cooperation of Mr. Beshara, this transaction was closed and completed within 7 days from the date it was opened. My experiences with Mr. Beshara have shown him to be knowledgeable, organized and caring on all of his transaction. Very Truly Yours, Beki Towers Escrow Officer

Melvin Garrett
We are very much pleased with the selling of our property, Kamiel was very professional in every way. He kept us up to date every step of the way. We would gladly use him again. It was nice doing business with Kamiel. 

Debbie James
I never would have done it without you both! Thank you Kamiel, for stepping into my life that rainy January day in 1998. Thank you Corinne, for contiuing and seeing me through to the end. May life be sweet and full for both of you. I will have to have you two over for dinner. Debbie James

Bill Durborough
Kamiel started out as our Real Estate Agent and wound up as a very good friend. He ia a hard working, honest and intelligent man whom I am proud to call my friend.

Bshara Shomar 
Kamiel is a knowledgeable and patient agent. We were looking for a house in Folsom area, we saw over 40 houses together. When the time came to offer he was always on time, explained all the papers and inspections. Not to forget his negotiating skills, without him we would not buy our house at the right price. 
I strongly recommend Kamiel.

Jose Olagues
I have been a client of Kamiel's for several years now we have purchased and sold two houses with him. He has always gone above and beyond to make things happen.